We publish Issue #15 of Still: The Journal

We’ve just published Issue #15 of Still: The Journal, featuring new work from fiction and creative nonfiction writers, poets, a photographer, a musician, and scholars. We also have an interview with celebrated novelist and activist Denise Giardina, a writing prompt idea on “place” from our fiction editor, and a feature on a writing community. We’re also announcing our 5th annual literary contests. Give us a read and share the word!

Contributors to Issue #15: Jennifer Adams , Jacob Anderson, GC Bailey, Anne Charlton, Jennifer Barton Chadourne, Maggie Colvett, David Cornette, Jacob L. Cross, Roberta Senechal de la Roche, Della Eaves, Sue Eisenfeld, Natalia Fallon, M. Brett Gaffney, Denise Giardina, Richard Hague, Christine Hale, Bonnie Cram Hall, Jeff Hardin, Melissa Helton, Jeanne Marie Hibberd, Jane Hicks, Judith D. Hoover , Melanie K. Hutsell, Sharon Isaac,Tia Jensen, Libby Falk Jones, Marilyn Kallet, Matthew Kingesly, Luther Kirk, C. Ann Kodra, Coleman Larkin, Kathleen Brewin Lewis, Rose McLarney, Anna Kate McWhorter, Parker Millsap, Renée K. Nicholson, Matthew Sidney Parsons, Matt Prater, Melva Sue Priddy, Anjie Seewer Reynolds, Jane Sasser, Savannah Sipple, Jay Sizemore, Judith Ramsey Southard, Shelby Stephenson, Natalie Sypolt, Jamey Temple, Janelle Terry, Lindsay Weist, Charles Dodd White, Ron Yates


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