Appalachian Music Fellowship 18

Berea College Appalachian Music Fellowship
Day 18, June 24, 2009

The Barn Dance Costume
for Linda Parker a.k.a. The Little Sunbonnet Girl and The Red-Headed Rascal

Reject the lace petticoats, the ric-rac
hems. Reject the gingham bonnet’s
stranglehold, the myth of calico
for righteousness sake. Forsake
the man whispering backstage
your fate, his eyes green
as dollar bills. Step out
your high-topped shoes and
ankle skirts, dye your petticoats
red and face them with the yellow,
wail the blue notes that howl
your heart’s longing. Hop high
and sing the song about my Lulu Gal
wearing that red dress from the railroad
man and those shoes from a driver
in the mines. Stay in the pit
with them rough and rowdy men
and leave your calico behind.


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