Motif has arrived!

MOTIF: WRITING BY EAR, An Anthology of Writings about Music, is Volume 1 in the MOTIF anthology series from publisher MotesBooks.

Future editions will focus on other themes, but each submission in this first collection uses music as a motif, either prominently or in artfully subtle ways. This first MOTIF anthology includes fiction, nonfiction and poetry, as well as some song lyrics by the likes of Patty Griffin and Buddy & Julie Miller. Other contributors include Silas House, Barbara Crooker, Pamela Duncan, George Ella Lyon and Maurice Manning.

From reviewer and songwriter Sue Massek: “Motif editor Marianne Worthington has woven these stories, songs and poems with music’s silken threads, creating a symphony that rocks, sways and syncopates in rhythm to the heartbeats of humankind and follows the melodies and harmonies flowing through our veins. The writers’ voices reflect the rich forms and styles of their deliciously diverse home places.”

From reviewer and music journalist Peter Cooper: “Within this beautiful book are thousands of words that offer poetry and laughter, peace and respite, Piano Red and Patty Loveless. There are burgundy shoes here, and feet that tattoo the earth. There is Roy, the wino who worked for Bud Whedbee doing maintenance jobs. There is bourbon and ginger, and melody and harmony in between the lines. All adorn the mystery, with no notion to unravel.”

MOTIF is available at or through the publisher:

MotesBooks, Louisville, Ky:

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